Traffic, Surveying & Development Professionals

Exhibit D: Work Not Included

This outline and estimate does not provide for the following tasks:

  1. Work resulting from a revised project description and work beyond the above Assumptions, Scope-of-Services and work on future phases of the project.
  2. Zoning Variances, Applications, Special Exemptions and Variances.
  3. Surveying or designing associated with off-site roads, utilities or major capital utility improvements that may be required, except as indicated in the task outline.
  4. Preparation of a Marketing Study.
  5. Architectural or Building Design work.
  6. Title Search on Deeds and Easements.  This work is normally prepared by your attorney.  You should make copies of his investigations available to us.
  7. Underground or subsurface investigations of geology or site conditions.
  8. Investigation for toxic and hazardous wastes.
  9. Wetlands investigation.
  10. The Newton Engineering Group, P.C. maintains general liability insurance to cover work by our employees on these projects.  We provide normal professional liability insurance, if additional insurance or modifications our normal policy is required by the client, the cost of said additional coverage shall be reimbursed by the Client.
  11. Submission and Review Fees.
  12. Revisions required due to the Client’s requirements, review agency comments, field conditions, etc.
  13. Construction:  The Newton Engineering Group, P.C. is not responsible for the means, methods, techniques, sequence or procedures of construction.  This is the sole responsibility of the contractor.  This includes all safety precautions and programs that are implemented on the project.